Saturday, June 30, 2018

Poor little me...

 Randi Graff in her double role
in City Of Angels,
Oolie and Donna.
As Oolie
(the character she played in the noir section of the musical), 
she got to sing "You Can Always Count On Me",
a Cy Coleman goodie, lyrics David Zippel
(and don't the lyrics MAKE it!!).
Below with James Naughton, who played Stone.

 Michele Lee could sing!
Not just a pretty face,
Michele was part of the cast of Seesaw
(above center with replacement John Gavin),
another Cy Coleman show
(lyrics Dorothy Fields).
"Nobody Does It Like Me"
I can relate.

 Oh, those circus folk!
Billy Rose's Jumbo
(not to be confused with Jumbo, the Broadway musical of 1935!)
featured the music of Rodgers and Hart, 
and starred Doris Day, Martha Raye
Stephen Boyd, and Jimmy Durante. 

  Both the musical and the film featured Durante
 leading a live elephant and being stopped by a police officer, 
who asks him, "What are you doing with that elephant?" 
Durante's reply, "What elephant?"
 It was a knee slapper back in '35.

 We'll hear Martha and Doris
with "Why Can't I?"
Love this red-nosed DD.

 Ashley Park, who plays Rachel in Mean Girls
on Broadway RIGHT NOW,
and on the right,
the movie version of Rachel, 
Lacey Chabert.
Who wore it better? :)
 In rehearsal
and on the stage!
Below: Ashley, Taylor Louderman, Kate Rockwell,
and Erika Henningsen.
We'll hear Ashley with
"What's Wrong With Me?"

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