Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Playlist for Sunday, November 12, 2017: Roll Down That Window!

My daughter invaded last weekend. She is a "Texan" now, with quotes because she holds (talon-like) fast to her New Yorker roots (and accent), and lives Texas-Lite in Austin. On the drive back from Rochester's "International" airport, she stuck her head out of the car window, like a Golden Retriever on its way to Country Max, and yelled something like "I love Fall!" Seems Austin goes autumn-less, seems Texas doesn't believe in Seasonal Switches. So she basked in our doom and gloom weekend of 36 degrees and rainy...hey, it's all relative. One man's 60 is another woman's 61.

But those seasonal cycles got the windmills of my mind going, and that's all I see in this play list...a lot of swirly bits, interconnected, leading to, linked, The Transitive Property...of Broadway! Case in point: The Callaway sissies warbling "I Can See It", and then I play The Fantasticks (cuz they got me in a Fantastick mood! HAH!), or the Family Addams leading to the Family D'Ysquith. Ribbons and Joeys and Jerrys. Damn, that's sweet.

And that's not to say I don't love the slam, bam, tang of a Julie Andrews to Four Jews to Hamilton mash-up. Robert Lindsay being all Englishy, next to Riff and Action being all JD. We got that, too.

But enjoy the windmills, cuz that's all I got this morning (well, along with clouds in my coffee). Don't go tilting at 'em. Stick your head out of the window, breathe deep the gathering gloom, and tap on. To your own personal Country Max.

Me And My Girl (Robert Lindsay, Emma Thompson, Me And My Girl)
Jet Song (Michael Callan, "The Jets", West Side Story)
Maria (Larry Kert, West Side Story)
Gee, Officer Krupke (Eddie Roll, Ensemble, West Side Story)
Symphonic Dance (Instrumental, West Side Story)
My Own Morning (Leslie Uggams, Hallelujah, Baby!)
You Don't Know this Man (Audra McDonald, Way Back To Paradise)
Anyone Can Whistle/Being Alive (Sutton Foster, Sutton Foster At The Carlyle)
The Sweetest Sounds/I Can See It (Ann Hampton Callaway, Liz Callaway,
      Sibling Revelry)
Try To Remember (Jerry Orbach, The Fantasticks)
Soon It's Gonna Rain (Rita Gardner, Kenneth Nelson, The Fantasticks)
I Can See It (Kenneth Nelson, Jerry Orbach, The Fantasticks)
Ribbons Down My Back (Eileen Brennan, Hello, Dolly!)
Ribbons Down My Back (Kate Baldwin, Hello, Dolly!)
Joey, Joey, Joey (Art Lund, The Most Happy Fella)
Joey, Joey, Joey (Leslie Odom, Jr., Leslie Odom, Jr.)
A Room In Bloomsbury (Julie Andrews, John Hewar, The Boy Friend)
One Room (Hal Linden, Leila Martin, The Rothschilds)
When Mabel Comes In The Room (Company, Mack & Mabel) 
Four Jews In A Room Bitching (Christian Borle, Andrew Rannells,
      Anthony Rosenthal, Brandon Uranowitz, Falsettos)
The Room Where It Happens (Leslie Odom, Jr., Lin-Manuel Miranda,
      Daveed Diggs, Okieriete Onaodowan, Hamilton)
When You're An Addams (Nathan Lane, Ensemble, The Addams Family)
You're A D'ysquith (Jane Carr, Bryce Pinkham, A Gentleman's Guide To
      Love & Murder)
Poison In My Pocket (Bryce Pinkham, Jefferson Mays, Catherine Walker,
      A Gentleman's Guide To Love & Murder
Sibella (Bryce Pinkham, A Gentleman's Guide To Love & Murder)
Morticia (Nathan Lane, The Addams Family)
Leaning On A Lamp Post (Robert Lindsay, Emma Thompson, Me And My Girl)
Once You Lose Your Heart (Emma Thompson, Me And My Girl)
The Lambeth Walk (Robert Lindsay, Company, Me And My Girl)

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