Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Playlist For Sunday, July 23, 2017: I TOLD YOU there'd be a test!

A quiz for this week's 2 on the Aisle listeners. You may get these right without listening, if you are an extremely knowledgeable Broadway-phile, lucky, or me. Have at it. No looking at your neighbor's paper!!!!  

1.) Fire + Ice =

a.) That's some chemistry formula that I never memorized. I had a crush on my chem teacher and my eyes were always glued to the tightness of his corduroy blazer (with appropriate elbow patches) as it spanned his pecs...don't get me started. Well, you already have.
b.) Atmosphere on a Class M planet (see Voyager).
c.) A puddle
d.) One jazzy lipstick color!

2.) What is this show's middle name?

a.) on the
b.) Esmeralda
c.)  Iphigenia
d.) Quirky
e.) Corky
f.)  Esoteric-Often-Boring-But-Not-Without-Its-Charm

3.) Who was the first to sing "Manhattan" in Rodgers & Hart's Garrick Gaieties? (Trick question...2 answers may both be right, in theory!)

a.) Arthur Treacher, pre-fish, pre-Merv
b.) Ed McMahon, pre-Johnny, pre-boring
c.)  Winnie The Pooh
d.) Sterling Holloway

4.) Ethel Merman, Frank Sinatra and Bert Lahr did a live television performance of which musical? Suffice it to say, Frank and the Merm got along like oil and vinegar (make that Fire & Ice).

a.) Hair
b.) Rent
c.) Rented Hair
d.) Anything Goes (and Did)

5.) Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock wrote Fiddler. They wrote Fiorello. They wrote incredible Tony-winning stuff. But in 1955, Sheldon wrote...

a.) Oh Calcutta
b.) HMS Pinafore
c.) Garbage
d.) Do You Know The Way To San Jose? no, really...do you know?
e.) Mambo Italiano

6.) In the song "Monkeys and Playbills", what does the monkey drive?

a.) A Segway
b.) A Schwinn
c.) A rocket ship to a Class M Planet (see Babylon 5)
d.) A speed boat

7.) Complete this sentence: "Take Me Back to ______" (and no peaking at the playlist).

a.) Bim Bom Bay
b.) The Okefenokee Swamp
c.) The Zuider Zee
d.) Manhattan

Pencils down. You've had more than enough time. Grading will be harsh and expedient. No curves. No nothin'. You fail, you'll just have to listen HARDER next week.  Whaddaya think this is supposed to be, fun'ner sumpthin'?

7 points = You live backstage with Patti and Christine. 5-6 points, you live 1 block away from what WAS the Morosco. 3-4 points, you live. 1-2, there's a country western station just 1 megahertz up the dial.  I suggest you find it. :)

Take Me Back To Manhattan (Eileen Rodgers, Anything Goes)
Behind The Red Door (Christine Ebersole, Ensemble, War Paint)
Back On Top (Patti Lupone, War Paint)
Fire And Ice (Erik Liberman, Stephanie Leigh, Patti Lupone, War Paint)
Pink (Christine Ebersole, War Paint)
Kansas City (Lee Dixon, Oklahoma!)
Standing On The Corner (Shorty Long, The Most Happy Fella)
All I Owe Ioway (John Davidson, Company, State Fair)
Louisiana Hay Ride (Nanette Fabray, Ensemble, The Band Wagon)
Louisiana Purchase (Judy Blazer, New York Voices, Louisiana Purchase)
Monkeys And Playbills (Company, [title of show])
What Kind Of Girl Is She? (Susan Blackwell, Heidi Blickenstaff, [title of show])
Nine People's Favorite Thing (Jeff Bowen, Hunter Bell, Susan Blackwell,
       Heidi Blickenstaff, [title of show])
Manhattan (Tim Curry, Ensemble, My Favorite Year)
Nothing Is New In New York (Ensemble, Breakfast At Tiffany's)
Manhattan Madness (Jeffry Denman, Face The Music)
Manhattan (Lee Wiley)
I Happen To Like New York (Bobby Short)
New York, New York (And The World Goes 'Round)
Paducah (Peter Conlow, Shoe String Revue)
Garbage (Bea Arthur, Shoe String Revue)
I Furnished My One Room Apartment (Sarah Weeks, Upstairs At O'Neals)
Talkin' Morosco Blues (Richard Ryder, Upstairs At O'Neals)
I Could Write A Book (Harold Lang, Vivienne Segal, Pal Joey)
Dear Old Syracuse (Jack Cassidy, The Boys From Syracuse)
Way Out West (Judy Kaye, Ensemble, Babes In Arms)
Be Like The Blue Bird (Joel Grey, Anything Goes)
You're The Top (Sutton Foster, Colin Donnell, Anything Goes)
Finale (Company, Anything Goes)

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