Sunday, October 4, 2015

Seven Brothers...and the "Best Bride"

 Good genes/jeans.
Imagine having siblings like this...
Amongst the brothers were Tommy Rall,
Russ Tamblyn, Jacques d'Amboise, Matt Mattox,
Jeff Richards and Marc Platt.
(See the Amazon at the end?...Julie Newmar!)
All were professional dancers with the exception of Jeff,
who was a baseball player.
Michael Kidd, the choreographer, put Jeff in the back row a lot,
or sat him in a chair to "observe" which left his partner, Miss Julie
(a classically trained dancer)
out of luck!

 All based on Stephen Vincent Benet's "The Sobbin' Women".
a short story that was IN TURN based on Plutarch's little "rape" tale.
It's all played for fun here.(!?!?!?)
Anyway, if you can get passed's Howard Keel singing the tale.

 Jane Powell and Howard...
of course she made him sleep in a tree til he saw right!
In her book, The Girl Next Door, Jane said that MGM 
was much more interesting in Brigadoon,
their "other" movie filming at the same time,
than Seven Brides.
So much so that they took money from Seven's budget 
and gave it to Brigadoon.

Julie Newmar (Newmeyer!)
as the "best bride."
A ballerina, who would later morph into Cat Woman.
Her singing voice was dubbed
(as were several of the brothers and brides),
because Michael Kidd had his priorities straight!

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