Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Playlist for Sunday, June 21, 2015: Lerner, Loewe, and Friends

This week we celebrate the music of Alan J. Lerner and Frederick Loewe...who had the uncanny ability to turn themselves in one breath into Scottish lads and lasses of a magical town, and Gold Rush-fevered unshaven prospectors who talk to trees the next. And after Miss Doolittle had learned her "Hartford, Hereford and Hampshires", they transported themselves back to Merry Ole England to fie this and fie that in Camelot. (Fie on me for not including My Fair Lady in this week's show, but I play that so much, I thought I'd concentrate on the other L&L creations!)

Then there's the riff I'm doing on Friendship: two sets of strangely related You-and-Me's, Friend Like You, Friend Like Me, Old Friends, Bad Friends, My Friend the _______,  you name it, I'm riffing it.  A few from Forever Plaid, Pump Boys, and then there's that new/old Gershwin musical, An American In Paris, based of course on the movie, but without Gene (so no cool striped boat necks, or rolled up cuffs), no Oscar (no acerbic/morose/depressing asides), and no Leslie (no Leslie). It seems no matter how old that S'Wonderful music is, someone is always resuscitating it.  Don't get me wrong, it's still s'pretty great. :)

 I Got Rhythm (Max Von Essen, Brandon Uranowitz, Robert Fairchild, Ensemble,
                      An American In Paris)
Once In The Highlands/Brigadoon (Ensemble, Brigadoon)
I'll Go Home With Bonnie Jean (Jimmy Thompson, Gene Kelly, Van Johnson,
Come To Me, Bend To Me (Jimmy Thompson, Brigadoon)
Sixteen Tons/Chain Gang (David Engel, Ensemble, Forever Plaid)
Cry (Stan Chandler, Forever Plaid)
Gotta Be This Or That (Ensemble, Forever Plaid)
I'm On My Way (Ensemble, Paint Your Wagon)
I Talk To The Trees (Tony Bavaar, Olga San Juan, Paint Your Wagon)
The First Thing You Know (Lee Marvin, Paint Your Wagon)
There's A Coach Comin' In (Ensemble, Paint Your Wagon)
Friendship (Eileen Rodgers, Hal Linden, Mickey Deems, Anything Goes)
Bad Companions (Ensemble, Goldilocks)
Together Wherever We Go (Ethel Merman, Sandra Church, Jack Klugman, Gypsy)
Old Friends (Lonny Price, Jim Walton, Ann Morrison, Merrily We Roll Along)
You Got A Friend In Me (Randy Newman, Toy Story)\
You And Me (Robert Preston, Julie Andrews, Victor/Victoria)
My Friend, The Dictionary (Celia Keenan-Bolger, The 25th Annual Putnam County
                      Spelling Bee)
A Friend Like You (Jeff Blumenkrantz, Brett Ryback, Murder For Two)
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend (Carol Channing, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes)
Friend Like Me (Robin Williams, Aladdin)
My Friends (Len Cariou, Angela Lansbury, Sweeney Todd)
I Wonder What The King Is Doing Tonight (Richard Burton, Camelot)
Before I Gaze At You Again (Julie Andrews, Camelot)
Fie On Goodness (Ensemble, Camelot)
If Ever Would I Leave You (Robert Goulet, Camelot)
Pump Boys (Cast, Pump Boys And Dinettes)
The Night Dolly Parton Was Almost Mine (Mark Hardwick, Pump Boys And Dinettes)
Sister (Debra Monk, Cass Morgan, Pump Boys And Dinettes)
Vacation (Debra Monk, Cass Morgan, Ensemble, Pump Boys And Dinettes)
S'Wonderful (Adam Uranowitz, Max Von Essen, Robert Fairchild, An American In
Shall We Dance? (Jill Paice, An American In Paris)
I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise (Max Von Essen, Company, An American In Paris)

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